Robo Rascals FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

We are fanatical about supporting each and every one of our customers and ensuring you are fanatical about your Rascals! If you have any questions not answered below, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Maybe! Each robotic vacuum is designed with its own set of sensors and design elements. Our covers around about 13.5 inches in diameter on the inside and about 3.2 inches along the sides going down. 4 Velcro strips are included in each cover so slight size variations can usually be adapted to using that Velcro! For devices with a raised sensor on top or camera, we recommend our covers featuring the larger hole on top: the hedgehog, cat, and cow. If you have a question regarding compatibility, please feel free to reach out at

Those are great models with specific needs for that nifty camera! And luckily, 3 of our Robo Rascals will all be able to help sweep up smiles with those devices! Check out Hector the Hedgehog, Callie the Cat, or Chester the Cow!

This is an easy fix! Sometimes we get our Rascals and hug them around our vacuums a little too tightly. Unfortunately, that causes the front bumper on your device to compress, which in turn, will make it think its “boxed in” and will spin, trying to get free. Simply use the Velcro to adjust the placement of your Robo Rascal. To make sure its correct, push your bumper in manually and make sure that it springs fully out with the cover on! That will get your Robo Rascal up and rolling away!

Depending on the placement of your Velcro, the device’s bumper may have been slightly tight when your Rascal took off on his/her journey. After hitting a wall or object, the bumper may have become slightly stuck mid-route and now he’s spinning around trying to get unstuck. Adjust your Robo Rascal’s placement and once again check that after pushing the bumper in, it springs out fully and doesn’t need to be pulled.

You betchya! We have a Bundle Option where you can add as many Robo Rascals to your family as you like! And with each little Rascal you add, the lower the price per unit!

While the Robo Rascals haven’t made it into Retail yet, they are also available on two of the biggest ecommerce sites around! Check us out on Amazon and Etsy for other adoption opportunities!

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